10 Reasons You Should Listen to Rick and Bubba and Have a Better Morning

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Rick and Bubba
I type this post from my hotel room in Birmingham, AL. My husband and I are having a little week-end getaway to celebrate our anniversary a bit early. While our 5th anniversary isn’t until July 21st, we decided to celebrate early because we got GOLDEN TICKETS!

What is a Golden Ticket you ask? Only a free ticket to sit in the audience of the BEST morning show in the world: Rick and Bubba. In honor of the occasion, I decided to be a 5-star member of the Rick and Bubba Army (nickname for their listening audience) and tell you 10 reasons why YOU should listen to Rick and Bubba and have a better morning:

(In no particular order)

  1. Good Old Boy Theatre: During this contest, Bubba reads an excerpt from a Shakespearean play using his best Southern charm, always pausing for the ever popular “sessoor” (caesura in Rick and Bubba speak). Then listeners must call in and guess the correct play by Shakespeare. It’s harder than you think. Shakespeare wrote a LOT of plays.
  2. 12 Working Days of Christmas: Because who doesn’t love a radio show that gives away amazing prizes. Especially at Christmas!
  3. Greg’s Rude “Terrets”: per the Rick and Bubba dictionary, “Greg Burgess suffers from this disorder. Rude Terrets is the inability to control making negative comments about everything and everyone.” This disorder makes for radio gold.
  4. The wives: The wives of the boys on the show are rarely featured, but when they are, it’s sure to be a great segment! I am in full support of a weekly segment featuring the wives in which the boys are locked in a closet somewhere, unable to defend themselves.
  5. Willie and Wanda: I really don’t even know how to begin to describe this “Best of” bit. You’ll just have to download it (It’s worth the $4 for all 4 segments) and listen to it yourself. Save it for a day that you really need a pick me up. You will be “rolling in the the floor laughing”.
    Willie And Wanda – Part 1

    Willie And Wanda – Part 2
    Willie And Wanda – Part 3
    Willie And Wanda – Part 4
  6. Speedy’s Great Adventures: Speedy is the show’s producer and guinea pig. They send him to do all sorts of wild stunts while on air including: sky diving, flying a Russian jet, and streaking at a PGA gold event. Again, always radio gold.
  7. Turkey Toss and the Gobble Gobble song: Every Thanksgiving, the show hosts its annual Turkey Toss. Listeners come and literally toss a frozen turkey in various divisions including men’s, women’s, high heel, kids, and services for cash prizes. Don’t worry, all turkeys are donated to animal shelters after the event. Included in the Thanksgiving festivities is the annual playing of the “Gobble, Gobble” song. Again, no words to describe this. Just listen here.
  8. Adler and the Butcher: Adler is a member of the staff…not sure exactly what he does…but he once dated a butcher who was a woman. You can just imagine to fun the guys had with that! Especially since Adler doesn’t have the best dating track record.
  9. Dr. Lou: Every Friday during football season Dr. Lou comes in to give his predictions for the weekend. Guaranteed laughs here.
  10. Rick and Bubba love and serve the Lord. Their show is clean and funny. They take their faith seriously and discuss it openly on the show.

So there are no excuses! Find a station near you or Listen Online (their site or USTREAM). But listen you must!

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  1. I haven’t heard of them, but they sound  fantastic and right up my ally!  Thanks for opening my eyes, er, ears!

  2. Where have I been? Don’t even know this gold mine. Hm.

  3. I don’t listen to them regularly, but I always am uplifted when I do. I heard them recently on Focus on the Family (I think?) talking about their radio show and about their faith. Very good. 

  4. Love Rick and Bubba!  So awesome that you got Golden Tickets!

  5. They’re so awesome!!!

  6. They’re so awesome!!!

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