10 Things My #Allume Roomies Need to Know About Me

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I’m heading to the #Allume Social conference at the end of this month! Some awesome gals, Brooke and Stacey, host a link-up every year to help everyone get to know their roomies before the conference. I’m rooming with three lovely ladies (Crystal, Monica, and Julie) that I have never met in real life, but we’ve video chatted…so you know…that counts. Seriously though, my husband is concerned they are going to eat me. Hopefully, after he reads their 10 Things Posts, he will feel better. Anyhow, if I disappear at the conference, you’ll know they got me! :)

Without further ado (is that right?!) and because it’s WAY past my bedtime, Here are…

10 Things My #Allume Roomies Need to Know About Me

10. I am fairly low maintenance–don’t require a lot of bathroom/mirror time. However, I get anxious and nervous around people that are always “put together” and begin to feel like I NEED bathroom/mirror time. You may have to talk me down.

9. I’ve never left my sweet baby for more than two nights in a row. Even then he was a short two hour drive away. So, needless to say, being two plane rides away for 4 days is stressing me out a bit. He probably won’t know the difference.

8. I’m a huge Mississippi State fan. We play Alabama (yes that one. The ridiculously good one.) on Saturday of the conference. I may shout and say stupid things at my phone (or the TV if I can find the game on one) while reading updates about the game. I apologize in advance.

7. ┬áMy husband says I snore, but I don’t believe him. I do however have a foot fetish. Again, I apologize in advance if I try to play footsie with you.

6. I hear phantom baby cries all. the. time. when my son is not in the house. So if I jump up out of the bed and start wandering around looking for my child–Just remind me that I’m dreaming. Or crazy. Whichever.

The horns may come out if I’m hungry or sleepy…

5. Speaking of sleep…I require it. Lost of it. I love to sleep. My friends say I turn into a pumpkin at 10 PM and get mean. I’m hoping to find a way to overcome this as I want to squeeze every last minute out of my time with y’all. But alas, just tell me to go to bed if I get snippy.

4. I like to eat. My favorite is cheeseburgers–with cheese and ketchup only. Thank you ma’am. Like sleep, food is necessary for a happy mood in Mary Beth’s world. So I’ll be toting lots of snacks around with me. Speaking of which, my absolute favorite snack (Ann’s House Chocolate Antioxidant Mix) has been out of stock at my Wal-Mart for over a month. Do you mind checking yours? If they have it, buy every. single. bag. I will pay you back. mmmmkay? Thanks.

3. I drink water like a mad-woman. It all started when I was pregnant and the doctor told me I had “low fluid levels”. I assumed this could be corrected by drinking ridiculous amounts of water. This trend has continued after the birth of my child 20 months ago. Hence, I need to go potty a lot.

2. Once I get comfortable. I talk. A lot. And fast. Hopefully without a bad accent. But when I get tired (or talk to my mama), it gets worse.

1. I’m beyond excited to meet you, roomies! I already know you are awesome. This is gonna be the most FANTABULOUS weekend ever (I had to make a word up just to accurately describe it’s awesomeness!)!!!

Alright, Mom…Michael…What did I forget?

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  1. My husband says I snore too and I too don’t believe him, guess we’ll have to check with out roomies lol!
    Looking forward t meeting you at Allume!

  2. lol loved this. ok to #1 – you’ll be fine. i’ll teach you how to wear the dayspring scarf and you won’t need any mirror time at all. #7 – since for some reason in my head I think we’re sharing a bed, feel free to play footsie. just no spooning. #6 – i constantly think madi is in our bed and falling out. it’s always the cats (or nothing) but if I jump up and try to save your pillow from hitting the floor, well….there we go. {grin}

  3. Amy Tilson says:

    So, you will want to sneak by the dudes room for football. I’ll be keeping up with my Vols and my Dukes. I hvae no idea what that snack is, but I’ll look it up and see if I can find some. Sounds like health chocolate. I can oly imagine what the two of us will sound like together. My hick might start showing.

  4. Fun list! I can be a talker as well, but it takes me a long time to get warmed up…. I always seem so much more outgoing in writing than in person. :)

  5. I googled your favorite snack, because I so wanted to help you out… and found this distressing message… This product is no longer available… I hope you don’t grieve too hard or long… PS… I LOVE FOOD, too!!! :)
    … and get snippy with out food or sleep!
    and I used to drink a TON of water… and then I started drinking coffee instead. :)

  6. How did I miss meeting you at .dotMOM? Okay, for real, we can’t miss each other at Allume!

    • I don’t remember ever seeing you! Or either I didn’t know it was you if I did! Definitely getting together at Allume. Thanks so much for your hard work on the (in)courage groups. So many are benefiting from you, Lisa-Jo, and Mandy’s (I think she designed the post!?) hard work!

  7. SO glad we got to meet in Alabama! Looking forward to seeing you again :) (This time I’ll recognize you and not half choke on my food when I realize who you are ;)

    • haha. I’m excited to see you again too! Glad I had a chance to get all the “nerves” out before Allume! ha! I feel sure I stared you down at one point trying to figure out who you were, so it’s cool!

  8. Smitty and Patsy Burks says:

    It’s not an “awful accent”; it is a sweet “southern” accent!

  9. Love this intro – you made me giggle and I can’t wait to hear your sweet voice :)

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