Being Real Real

Trying to find your own voice in the online world is a challenging task. Daily we read many other authors’ thoughts and words. We read their “real”. All those voices are clanging around in our heads as we try to sit down and find our own voice. What words do we use to tell our […]

How were the contents of the Bible determined? t{squared}

First time at t{squared}? Click here for more info. Have you ever thought about who determined what books should be included in the Bible? How did they go about deciding which were God’s words? Honestly, this question never entered my mind until it was taught in seminary. But it’s an important question. Many non-believers will ask […]

Learning to Just Be and the First Ever WIP Wednesday Link-Up

For these WIP Wednesday posts, I’m going to *try* to relax a little in my writing and just talk to you. Tell you what’s rolling around in my head and heart. I can’t promise it will make sense, but I think that is sort of the point. We are “works in progress”. On Wednesdays, we […]

The Binder Queen {A Guest Post}

My fingers flipped through the boxes of books. My eyes scanned titles in search of those on my list. It was the used curriculum sale, the highlight of my year. Sticking to a list is hard in a haven of used books. So many titles pop out, beckoning me to spend my dollars. Math, geography, […]

The Lament {A Guest Post}

  Image Credit       “No, thank you. I’m not hungry,” she insisted. Even though it was her favorite chocolate chip pretzel cookie, she had to refuse. AN had told her to. “I’m not hungry,” the lie she told everyone, was almost second nature now. After three years of AN controlling her life, it was almost […]