All or Nothing and the WIP Wednesday Link-Up

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WIP Wednesday Link UpI’m an All or Nothing kinda girl. At least when it comes to projects. I’m either all in, 100% on board, devoted to getting the job done.

Or I’m not. And then I do nothing.

About a month ago, I wrote about realizing that I simply didn’t have the time to write an entire eBook in three and a half months before the Allume conference. I had just finished up Jeff Goins #15Habits Challenge. In that challenge, I was inspired to write an eBook. Then I added the goal of having it ready by the time I went to Allume, so I could share it there and figure out the next step.

I even got up at 3:50 one morning to have 2 hours to write. 

But then I never found the time or inspiration to get back to that eBook. I thought about it as I went to sleep and wrote some great stuff while drifting off. But when the morning came, all my creative genius was lost.

So I wrote about realizing that I needed a more realistic goal. This would likely mean that I would not have that eBook finished by Octobor–but maybe by the New Year or early Spring.

After hitting publish on that post, I haven’t written one word on that eBook. I just stopped completely. That was never my intention, but its what happened. My intention was to write a bit here and there until it all added up to an eBook.

So now here I am. Back at square one and frustrated. I want to write that eBook. I need to. It’s rolling around in my head and I want it out! I also need to figure out what’s holding me back.

Is it laziness? Would I simply prefer to watch TV or nap during my free time. Achieving my goals will require sacrifice.

Is it fear? Writing for this blog comes easy to me. The words just pour out. Writing this eBook is hard. I labor over every sentence–afraid of saying the wrong thing. Achieving my goal will require trusting in God to cast out that fear.

Is it unrealistic expectations? What do I expect this eBook to be? Do I feel like I can’t measure up to the vision in my head, so it’s safer to just leave it there? Do I feel like since I most likely can’t finish it by October, it isn’t worth writing? Achieving my goal will require adapting expectations as time goes by and just going for it.

My new mantra: Determine the sacrifice, trust in God, set flexible expectations, and then just do it! <—Click to Tweet!

My son starts Mother’s Day Out tomorrow. He will be there two mornings a week. My plan is to focus solely on the eBook for at least one hour each of those days. That’s two hours a week. It’s not much, but it’s a start. I’ve gotta start somewhere, right?

Will you do me a favor and ask me about the eBook every now and then? Send me an e-mail or tweet. I’d love for you to hold me accountable!

Do you have a project you keep avoiding? What do you need to do to get going? Any suggestions for me? Let’s chat in the comments!


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  1. I am confident that if God is guiding you to it, you will walk into it and do the thing! I am blown away by what you have done with your blog in such a short time… if a book is His plan I believe you will do it with excellence. As you know, I am with you on counting the cost. We lay down these things, things we don’t really need, to do His will, and really He just lifts us right up, doesn’t He? He uses us, weak things of the world, jars of clay… He uses us SO THAT He will be glorified. If you think you can’t do it, then friend, you are the perfect candidate, because then He will be the one doing it in you. Yes? Write on sister! :-)

  2. Yes, sometimes projects seem to be overwhelming, and it is difficult to know whether to pursue them or not. Your idea of baby steps, an hour here and an hour there, sounds like a good plan. And you can just see how God opens up the doors for you, following Him a step at a time.

  3. “Heavenly Father, I praise you for the wonderful woman you have created in Your servant, Mary Beth. Thank you for her dedication, her love for You, and her heart for other people. Grant her now Your guidance. Convict her of what, how, and when You would have her write. Shine Your light on each step of the process, that she may follow the path You have drawn for her. Most of all, engrave on her always how deeply You love her and are pleased with her, as she daily walks with You. I ask these things int he name of Jesus. Amen.”

  4. JosephPote says:

    “Determine the sacrifice, trust in God, set flexible expectations, and then just do it!”
    Love this! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Oh – I SO relate to this! I have also got a book idea bubbling away. And I haven’t been doing it, and I haven’t been doing it. And some of that is getting other stuff out of the way, and some of it is just being TERRIFIED. Not sure what of, exactly, but just terrified.

    Keep me accountable too? Xx

  6. interesting and wonderful comments below. I just responded to your comment on my blog that I was actually visiting your blog at the same time. We must have passed each other over the internet. HA

    I know fear is part of it. But writing is hard work. day by day. word by word. Fear others may be critical of what I write. A trait about myself is being too critical about others and catty so naturally I fear others will think that way too.

    One thing that help was my online critique group kept asking me when it would be done. After I asked them for help in critiquing I couldn’t waste their time and not finish. Accountability.

    good food for thought here today!

  7. I. hear. you. Writing a book is hard … harder than I ever imagined. I’ve been writing professionally since I was 16 years. I’ve written thousands of news stories, magazine articles, blog posts … and literally millions of words. But writing a book is like no other project that I’ve undertaken. But please hear me … You can do this! Push back that fear with prayer, and with prayer partners, asking them to pray a hedge of protection around you. Keep fighting through. Keep a journal on your nightstand, so that when those moments of genius come before bed, you can jot them down. Carve some time, and do this thing. You CAN do it! With Christ in you, friend. Cheering you on.

    • I think I need to print this out and put it in that journal on my night stand! Thank you so much. I want to jump up and give a fist pump after reading this! :)

  8. I think you are inside my head, except for the ebook part… No desire there. But growing my blog? Or making a go of it at my card making into a business? Total fear and laziness!!

  9. messymarriage says:

    I’ve tried to work on a marriage book for years. I start and stall, start and stall. Part of my hesitancy is wanting to have something different to say than what others are saying. And part of it is waiting on God’s inspiration and timing. What I’m learning is that God laughs at my self-imposed goals. And I’m learning more in the process than I might have if I’d churned out a book in a few months. I’m glad you are setting goals, but like you’ve said, “set flexible goals” based on God’s timing and ways and it will all come together, Mary Beth!

    • JosephPote says:

      God has such different ways of dealing with each of us. After doing a series of Sunday School classes on God’s heart toward His children who have experienced divorce, I felt inspired to turn it into a I did. Although the book has received good reviews from readers, sales have been pretty low, thus far…marketing is funny business and I have very limited time to invest.
      However…publishing the book got me started blogging, which has turned out to be a pretty cool ministry opportunity.
      At this point, I’m wondering if the book wasn’t more God’s way of nudging me into blogging than an end goal in itself…
      Alll for His glory…and always interesting! :-)

  10. Laurie Collett says:

    Each day I pray for wisdom in how to allocate time and energy to the many projects I feel led to do, and to be a good steward of the time and resources He has entrusted to us. Thanks for the great post & for hosting the linkup, & God bless,

  11. I can’t seem to get anything accomplished because my kids inevitably start a fight as soon as I sit at the computer:) Mom’s morning out sounds like a great time and opportunity to make progress. May God give you the words, time, and energy to step forward in faith. Blessings!

    • I’ve been wondering how I’m going to make this writing work when I add more kiddos to the mix or he grows out of MDO! I’m going to cherish it while I have it!

  12. This was a good post!!!! I have a project on the back-burner that sure needs to get done!! I transcribe sermons and I have one that is almost finished that I should work on this morning. As to e-books…the Lord will give you the words when the time comes. They will pour out. What you share will be real then. Thanks so much for sharing and hosting the link-up.

  13. MB…things happen in God’s time. When it’s right, He will let you know. :) I would suggest writing down your thoughts so you don’t lose them but save putting them in cohesive form until He urges you to do so.

  14. I sent you an e-mail in case you don’t get this response, but everything is fixed! Sorry for the delay!

  15. The settings were messed up this morning! I’ve got it fixed now. You should be good to go. So sorry for the problem!

  16. Oh it’s hard, isn’t it? I’ll be praying you on. Thank you for hosting!

  17. I’ll definitely pray for you to focus, Mary Beth, and I’ll check in periodically. I’ve got 2 ebooks in my head, but I also want to write a study on Judges to propose at a conference next May. Your perseverance will encourage me!

  18. TereasaM says:

    I get this. Really, I do. I’ll encourage you!

  19. Yes a glitch! It’s fixed now! Thanks for letting me know!

    Mary Beth

  20. Mary Beth,
    It looks like your linky tool setting does not have the appropriate links plugged in for the required link back. It said the correct link was not on my page, and that the link I needed was “Nothing.” Hope you get it fixed. :)

  21. Yes, fear….yes, time…..yes, sacrifice…..many things I want and NEED to do don’t happen because of these very things. I too have not written. Sigh. Praying for you dear friend! Btw I can’t link up b/c it says I don’t have your blog linked on my Whatever Wed post, but it is there :(


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