{Break the Ice} Day 1: Take as Much as You Need

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Break the IceWe were circled up sitting “Indian style” on the floor. Bibles and notebooks tucked closely by. A group of pre-teen girls (these were the days before “tween” existed. Not one of us had a cell phone)

Anxious. Nervous. But mostly excited.

Finally, old enough to participate in Disciple Now. For me, I’d spent 4 years watching my big brother attend all the fun youth activities, and now it was our turn.

Our college student leader is a tiny, bubbly bottle of energy. I think she’s as excited and nervous as we are.

She whips out a roll of toilet paper, and tells us, straight faced, “take as much as you need”.


A little confused and probably a little nervous that this is all the toilet paper I’m allowed to use for the weekend, I took a generous amount.

After we’ve all taken “as much as we need”, she says, “Now, for each square of toilet paper you have, you need to tell the group one thing about yourself.”

ACK! I’ve fallen for my first icebreaker trick! Lucky for me, I’m a chatty Cathy and did not mind at talking about myself at length at all!

We’ve all participated in icebreaker, get to know you games. the M&Ms, motions for your name, the animal sounds, adjectives that alliterate your name (I was always marvelous Mary Beth.) The ideas are endless.

This week, I want to “break the ice” online. I’d love to get to know those who are reading and tell you a bit about myself. Here is the plan:

Tuesday: Top Ten Weird or Quirky Facts About Me:

I’ll be linking up with Top {Ten} Tuesday. I’d love it if you participated as well! Just link up there and drop me a comment here, so I can be sure to read your post!

Thursday: My Personal Testimony:

I’ll tell you about my journey with the Lord. I’d love to read your testimonies too! I’ll do my best to put a Linky (I’m a newbie!) up so you can link up our testimonies and see what the Lord has done in each of our lives.

Friday: Ask the Steward:

I’ll answer YOUR questions. You can leave a question in the comment section, tweet me (@newlifesteward), or leave a question on my Facebook page (New Life Steward). Please leave a question!

Photo Credit: Ice; Toilet Paper


  1. I love that icebreaker! I have done it so many times and people are always surprised by it. Ha, ha.

    This is a lovely idea you have. I hope you meet lots of new people and have a successful week. I can’t put my whole story here, but you can read parts of it on my blog. http://www.hispenonmyheart.com/category/my-story/

    • MB@NewLifeSteward says:

      I’ve used it since then, too! It’s always amusing!

      I look forward to checking out your story!


  1. […] a story. I’ll return tomorrow with my personal testimony and to answer any questions from my Break the Ice […]

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