Enough! {A Guest Post}

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motherhoodbuttonI’m happy to welcome Misty as a guest poster for the When Motherhood Comes Softly series. You can read more by her at her blog Simply Helping Him. You can read more from this series by clicking the button to the left. We hope you are encouraged as you read about other woman as they struggle to grow into the role of mother by trusting in God day by day. If you would like to submit a post for this series, please read the introduction to this series and guest post submission guidelines. I look forward to reading your story!

How many times in a day do you find yourself saying the word enough?


Lately I feel like a broken record. Enough fighting. Enough arguing. Enough yelling. Enough ugly words. Enough. Enough. Enough.

As a mother of two, one boy and one girl; two years and 5 days apart, I’ve had enough. 9 and 7 years old right now, I have no idea how we’re going to make it to 10 and 8.

……Yet I do know how…..

I must focus on today. Not tomorrow. Not yesterday. I must guide, teach and train in today. For each day is new with no mistakes in it. What happened yesterday doesn’t matter, what tomorrow will bring doesn’t count. Today is enough to handle on its own.

I must remember that I’m not alone in my struggle. I’m not the only mother that feels she’s had enough. (If you’re relating to this, know that you aren’t alone remember I’m writing about it! LOL!) Fighting, whining, crying, all have their times. As do playing, creating and learning.

I must remember where to find “my enough”. Enough strength, enough love, enough patience, enough compassion. “My enough is found in Him! Jesus has all the enough I will ever need!

When I feel broken, crushed and weak, I must rest and lay it at His feet. Oh, how easy it is to write and say that, I must get it through to my head. I know He is my enough, but I must remember to lay it down. at. His. feet.

There are days that seem as if they will never end.

At times I have just tuned them out. Yet, I wouldn’t leave my kids alone for them to live and fend for themselves. That is not responsible and would not be beneficial for them. But, when I take a hand off approach, I might as well be. Sigh.

It is at these times I am failing my children. I am missing wonderful opportunities to teach and train my children, with “the enough” I can receive from Jesus.

Enough. Jesus gives me enough. Enough strength for my day. Enough compassion for the tears. Enough patience for the fights. Enough.

I must receive His enough. I must ask for it in faith, knowing He will provide enough for my day, my moment.

The next time you go to say “enough”, thank Him for being “enough”. Pray for what you need Him to give you enough of in that moment!

How has Jesus met your need for enough? Share in the comments!

Misty is a stay at home, homeschooling, crunchy, Christian wife, and mother of two wonderful blessings. Her hubby is a self employed fisherman, and a Mainah through and through, thus we live in Maine. You can find her blogging about faith, family and life experiences at Simply Helping Him.


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  1. My boys are exactly 2 years and 3 days apart. There were so many times I wondered if we’d make it too :). Bless you for your honesty here. We need to be real with each other, don’t we? Mommying is hard work. We give up a big part of ourselves and plant those seeds and wait for God to make them grow. My pleasure to meet you, Misty. My pleasure.

  2. Alicia Bruxvoort says:

    So fun to read this today as I work on a talk for my moms’ group. and the title of my presentation? Enough :) Great reminders in this post! Stopping by from Playdates today.

  3. Jesus has met my need because I am past all the sibling squabbles…for the most part…and we all survived! :) Thank heavens! Great post Misty and Mary Beth!

  4. Wait…you’re feeling that at 9 and 7? We’ve got 3, 4, and 6 here…and I figured we must be approaching the plateau after which it was all love and hugs for siblings? :) Thanks for the reminder that we parents have a source better than any parenting expert!!!

  5. I must receive His enough.” Wow. It’s not about us…it never was….what a beautiful, honest post. Thank you for sharing.
    Peace and good.

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