Finding Rest and the WIP Wednesday Link-Up

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Funny story:


While on vacation, my sister in law asked me to wash her some peaches and bring them down to the beach. I replied, “and by wash you mean peel, right?”

She replied that no, I could just wash them off and she would eat them as they were. To which I replied, “But won’t the skin be itchy on your throat?!”

At which point, everyone in the room busted out laughing and my grandmother told me I read too much.

What thinking peach fuzz is itchy and reading too much have to do with each other, I don’t know, but there it is.

Am I the only person who finds peach fuzz itchy?

Anyways, that story doesn’t have much to do with this post except to say that sometimes I read too much.

Several weeks ago, I submitted guest posts to several blogs. In the interim time, while I was waiting to hear back, I began reading posts on “making the most of guest posting”. I read in multiple places that in order to “convert” readership from a guest post, I must have a “killer” post recently posted on the blog for the new traffic to find, love, and then subscribe in response to.

Being the person that I am–always wanting to do everything 100% right–I tucked this tidbit away in my brain for when I got dates for my guest posts.

Enter vacation. I worked diligently the week before to line up and schedule posts for each day, so that I could rest during vacation. Then I get an e-mail on Tuesday-ish from Christin at Allume asking if they could use my guest post that Friday even with the short notice. Of course I said yes, I was super excited! I shuffled my schedule around on the blog and made it happen.

But then that little tidbit snuck up reminding me that I needed a “killer” recent post for the new traffic to find, love, and then subscribe in response to. The most recent post that would be the t{squared} post which don’t tend to be my most popular. I am writing them faithfully because I feel God has called me to do it-even if it’s just for my own benefit.

I immediately began plotting when exactly I could write a new post that would be stellar while on vacation. Even though that still small voice was telling me to just rest and let it be. I wish I could tell you that I immediately listened and let it go, but I didn’t. I tried to find time to write on Wednesday, but no ideas nor time came. By Thursday, I surrendered. I said, “okay God. I’m leaving this one in your hands.

At that point I realized that God is sovereign over my blog, too. The people that He wants to read His message through my words will find my blog. I don’t have to belly ache over how to get them here. He will do it. Rest. Just rest. So I did. And there was no stellar post to follow up my guest post. And guess what? The world is still spinning.

What are you fretting over? Do you need to just surrender it to God? Knowing that we aren’t always called to just sit back and do nothing, how do you find rest in the midst of work? Let’s discuss and encourage one another in the comments.

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Work In Progress Wednesday

It’s time for the WIP Wednesday Link-Up! I really enjoyed reading your posts last week! Can’t wait to see what God is up to this week!

FYI: I am visiting my aunt today in the country. I do not have cell service, so it will be evening before I can check-in here. If there is a snafoo with the link-up, I will get it corrected by Wednesday evening. Thank you for your grace and patience! Hopefully everything will run smoothly!

Last week’s featured post: Proper Praise vs. Prideful Praise from Jonathan. While he’s speaking from a ministry standpoint, I think his thoughts apply to blogging and many other facets of life as well. Check it out and be sure to leave him a comment!

What is God doing in your life? Link up a post below or let’s chat in the comments!

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  1. Michy loving our journey says:

    Hmmm….I can’t eat much raw fruit-“fresh” pectin, skins will turn my throat raw..hence the epi-pen I carry….
    I linked up w/an older post as we “discussed”…actually liked the idea as it made me go back to an old piece when I first started…see how far I’ve come,take a chance to tidy it up a bit.

  2. Misty Leask says:

    My mom has been reminding me of this almost every day! “Don’t stress about people finding you God will take care of it”, “Just speak your heart, God will give you the words”, etc. How good it is to be reminded of this! If we are all the same, then it would be really boring. LOL! Blessings friend!

    • It’s hard to not look at numbers and compare (or try to!) I have no idea what “good numbers” are for a blog my blog’s age. Your mother is a wise woman! :)


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