Five Minute Friday: Beyond

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Five Minute Friday

1. Write for 5 minutes flat – no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking.
2. Link back here and invite others to join in.
3. And then absolutely, no ifs, ands or buts about it, you need to visit the person who linked up before you & encourage them in their comments. Seriously. That is, like, the rule. And the fun. And the heart of this community..


My Best Dinosaur Pose

I have dreams of my own you know. Dreams that go beyond mommyhood and wifeyhood (is that a word?) and homemaker.

I want to grow as a counselor and help people.

I want to grow as a writer and serve people.

I want to go on short-term mission trips and minister to others.

There’s more to me beyond Thomas’ mommy. Michael’s wife. Smitty and Patsy’s daughter.

I’m proud of those titles. I hold them close to my heart. They are most important to me. But there is a ME beyond that.

That me likes naps in the middle of the day. Gets giddy over a molten chocolate lava cake at Chili’s. Watches Downton Abbey back to back to back. Worries that she isn’t enough-pretty, organized, efficient, whatever.

There’s a real ME beyond this blog. She’s funny. Not so serious all the time. I say stupid things and get my words jumbled because I talk too fast. Secretly I like to dance around the house in my PJs or slide across the hardwood floor in my sock feet.

When no one’s looking of course.

Who are you beyond?

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  1. That’s who I want to meet at Allume!! Not just the words, but the flesh and bone, PJs and laughter of Mary Beth!!

  2. Oh man…at first I thought Downton Abbey was a really lame version of Monty Python. It was actually quite good, and my wife and I are hooked. I’m not sure about “beyond”…who am I beyond the roles everyone else sees? An interesting question to open up to, for sure. TBA, I suppose…as I’m leaving on a short-term mission trip. :)

  3. Tracy Jensen says:

    New fan…from one mommy to another…..I LOVE what you wrote! Totally can relate!

    Tracy Dear life from a mom of boys

  4. I loved this!! I enjoyed getting to know you a little bit better!! I love the whole idea of “5 Minute Fridays” and did it once and really need to do it again sometime!!

  5. Laura Hodges Poole says:

    Good idea to write and not stop for editing. I would have a difficult time with that! I enjoyed reading your post. (Visiting from Beholding Glory blog hop.)

  6. ThandiweW says:

    What a lovely and unexpected response to “beyond.” That’s my favorite thing about FMF, every submission is different AND absolutely right.
    I enjoyed reading your writing.
    Peace and good.

  7. Oh goodness…BEAUTIFUL post. Fun insight into the you beyond. I love, loved this Mary Beth! :) SO, so happy I stopped by. I adore your take on this word, your take on you – and how one adjective isn’t enough to encapsulate you and all He’s creating you to be.

  8. I love dancing in my jammies! And I love non stop Downton Abbey! And you and i could meet at Chili’s for that Molten Lava cake. I often ask God to show me who I am beyond all the titles I wear. Sometimes it’s hard to see me. So a few things besides wife, mom and employee: I am a writer, encourager, painter, lover of coffee and chocolate!

  9. So true… Thanks for sharing your hear. Love the photo! ;-)

  10. Um, I think I might have accidentally wandered over to your blog and wrote this myself. No? Goodness! Then all I can say is… dancing in jammies and sliding over the floor in socks? YES! Downton Abbey all in one sitting? Double YES! Desiring to find myself beyond the mama-hood and wifey-hood (not that that isn’t my precious life that I wouldn’t change for anything)? ABSOLUTELY! Thanks for putting down in words exactly what I have felt.

    • I agree. I wouldn’t change mommyhood or wifeyhood for anything, but I sure don’t want to lose the ME that’s behind it all!

      Here’s to sliding in our sock feet!

  11. TereasaM says:

    Love it. Actually, I haven’t taken time to do fmf today. I already decided to go this direction if I get the chance. Would you mind a copycat?

  12. First, let me just say that’s the best dinosaur pose I’ve ever seen! :)
    when you think about it, I get blown away. At how much God can do through us. Nurture children, hold a spouse up, be a daughter, friend, and still minister to those outside our safe circle. He’s made us all for more. and I’m honored to be among those that get blessed by your beyond, friend!

    • Thank you. I thought it was quite fantastic myself. I’m honored to call you friend as well, Nikki! You are always so encouraging. I just love reading your comments.

  13. Student Mom (Jenn) says:

    Yep! Somedays I wonder where the me that had control of the TV remote went, and the me that used to bath at 6pm, or the me that could read a whole book in one sitting… where did that me go???
    In from Lisa-Jo’s

    • A whole book in one sitting. Oh me. I’m lucky to get a chapter in these days…and that’s with stopping and starting 15 times due to distractions. :)

  14. Denise Oldham says:

    You sound really awesome.

  15. Ooh, we could be great friends, indeed. You had me with your made up word, but then you raised the bar with counselor, writer, missions, all of the seasons of Downton Abbey in pj’s, and the
    Pièce de résistance, CAKE! I would say a kindred soul.

  16. Yes, rediscovering who we are beyond diapers and mommyhood and laundry – maybe that’s why these late night writes are so fun – a piece of the puzzle of me beyond them. :)

  17. BUT . . . God is ALWAYS enough . . . even when we don’t fill all the gaps we wish to! :) Enjoyed reading!

  18. Lovely post! Yeah I reckon wifeyness is a word. :-) So very true though – we are very complex people. And labels can constrain us, yes? Where would you love to go on a missions trip?

    • I spent a summer in Thailand in college so I’d love to go back there. Our compassion child is in the Dominican, so I’d love to meet him. I’ve never thought too hard about where though. Just to go. :) In this season though, the baby keeps me here. :) He is my mission.

  19. alwaysalleluia says:

    Mmm, chocolate molten cake from chilis, pajama dancing, short-term missions, writing… we share many things, my friend! Such a fun peek at the you beyond the screen ;)

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