Five Minute Friday: Focus

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Five Minute Friday

1. Write for 5 minutes flat – no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking.
2. Link back here and invite others to join in.
3. And then absolutely, no ifs, ands or buts about it, you need to visit the person who linked up before you & encourage them in their comments. Seriously. That is, like, the rule. And the fun. And the heart of this community..

The word of the week is focus and I just can’t seem to. Not after the last hour and a half. It’s just crazy to me.

A casual comment to a new bloggy friend one night about a Five Minute Friday “date” as we wait for the prompt. So we tweet and catch up on our weeks as we wait and a few other friends join us as the weeks go by.

Then my new friend sends in our story to Lisa Jo and invites others to join us on our date night. I jokingly tell her that we will need a hashtag for our new party.

So we started three weeks ago meeting with fellow writers for our weekly date night using #fmfparty to link us all together.

We trended on Twitter tonight y’all. That is a lot of tweets. They were just flying by on the screen. I totally couldn’t keep my focus, but I couldn’t walk away either.

The Lord never ceases to amaze me. How faithful he is to use something as silly as Twitter and a hashtag to bring so many people together for encouragement and fellowship. Again, He turns my focus to Him in praise.

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  1. Agreed! So this is how it got going! Cool! It was so fun (if a little confusing and hard to keep up) to connect on twitter with you all. Hoping to get better at it, but I’ve loved seeing everyone’s tweets and kind words to each other since then. This community is drawing me in. :)

    • It is hard to keep up! I’m trying to embrace to crazy and realize I’m gonna miss some stuff! So glad you are joining us! Be sure to tweet at me, so I make the connection!

  2. Richelle Wright says:

    sounds like a lot of fun!

  3. It is great what God can do through two sisters getting together…spreading His love…thanks, Mary Beth :)

  4. Denise Oldham says:

    Good post.

  5. You know I’m in total love with this group. One of these nights I’m gonna make myself a cup of coffe about 9:30 and then I’ll have to stay up the whole time. :) I didn’t play today, just don’t have words after this past week and morning, but I’m enjoying yours. I see you reclaimed #1 as your own.

  6. So awesome and what a blessing! =) Gonna try to join in earlier next week…what time do you usually start the fmfparty?

  7. That’s awesome! HE’s Awesome! I soooo wish I could join your party, but I just can’t stay up that late. It’s a real bummer! Have a great weekend!

  8. I love the way that the Lord gives us friends – just people with a commonality, really. Moms, bloggers, tweeters, wives, Jesus-girls, and BFFs, He wants us to know that we are all in this together, I think. And, wonder of wonders, He is my Friend, too! Glad to meet ya’ll as I begin my FMF today. =)

  9. I saw the #fmf hashtag and was wondering what it was :)
    I love how God uses the simplest things for his Glory!

  10. That’s awesome! I do that every Friday, so I will need to join in the Twitter party next week. Love how something so small can refocus us! :)

  11. How cool – I didn’t reallly know what the FMF party thing was all about or that you and Nikki started it all! I’d love to join in, but it’s probably at the wrong time for me, isn’t it? How does it work?

    • Lisa-Jo posts the prompt at midnight Eastern time. So we just gather on Twitter beforehand and chat using the hashtag #fmfparty. I’m not sure what time zone you are in, so I don’t know what time that would be for you! It may be early in the morning! People usually start chatting about 1.5 hours before.

  12. That is just awesome! :)

  13. Paula Barnett says:

    So that’s the story!!! Am I ever glad that I “listened” and began to join in the fun. Where He leads, I will follow. With joy!!!

  14. I want to join!! :-) I’m on the east coast (I don’t know where Lisa-Jo is, I think the east coast) but every Thursday I wish I had the prompt before I went to bed so that my post could be ready for the next day. When is it posted usually? This is a great idea! I will join next week! :-)

    • The prompt is posted at Midnight Eastern, so we just hang out and chat on Twitter until then. Some folks just come and chat and then got to bed. Others stay up and write. Some just want to see the prompt and sleep on it. It’s just whatever works for you! We’d love to have you!

  15. StefanieYoungBrown says:

    So glad to know the story behind the story:)) I haven’t been able to join in yet, but will.
    Thank you for taking the initiative and giving this community another means by which to communicate.
    Have a wonderful day!

  16. Girl, I get the bumps of goose just thinking about it…and well, you know what I do when I read about it…CAN NOT believe what our date nights turned into and yet I can. He’s just that good. No credit to me, friend. To Him be all glory and if anyone asks me, YOU started it! :)

    • No, I’ll go with your answer–to HIM be the glory! He did it through us. It’s mind boggling really. I say that too much…but seriously. I hope we get to have a party together in person one day!

  17. keltrinswife says:

    It is fun to see how God is using social media to bring people together—to encourage others. I am like you, can’t walk away. Be blessed:)

  18. That suggestion to a dear friend of yours, opened the door to fellowship and community that no one else could have imagined. I am indelibly affected. Thank you for inviting others in to play catch-up and support. It truly means so much to so many.
    I for one, this lone Texas girl, am grateful. :) Loved talking with y’all last night. It was my week 2 to do so, and I can’t imagine missing out on that time.

  19. Ok that’s it…I’m joining the party next week! I might not be able to function the next day but I just can’t miss this :D

  20. Oh it sounds like such fun.

  21. not focused but you were still able to pull this off? Mary Beth you are talented! So grateful for this community. You all encourage me to keep going as a writer while you encourage my soul. Brie and French bread aside, this has to be one of the greatest marriages ever.

  22. I snuck in tonight with about 30 minutes to spare. And then I totally lost my focus as I realized I don’t know how to tweet properly. I must learn so that I can continue to join the party! So fun!

  23. Wendy Douglas says:

    Praising Him tonight with you friend. What a blessing our gathering is. It was a balm to my tender heart tonight and I am so thankful for you all. Blessings!

  24. What time do you usually meet? I would love to join you! :)

  25. Ha! You got that right! So much fun and good stuff and you can’t keep up with all of it. So glad that I found the hashtag…and all the lovely women that are attached to it! :)

  26. It’s a beautiful time… Such a God party :) Perfect end to the week to welcome in Friday. It helps all the rest of the heaviness just melt off my shoulders. Beautiful post… my new friend :)

  27. Hi Mary Beth! What a cool story. So, so neat to hear of how this started. I had no clue what everyone was talking about–I know now! You really started something. Nice to drop by here and meet you. Warm (((hugs))).

  28. I never get tired of this story :) You all are the best hosts ever!

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