Five Minute Friday: Join

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Five Minute Friday

1. Write for 5 minutes flat – no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking.
2. Link back here and invite others to join in.
And then absolutely, no ifs, ands or buts about it, you need to visit the person who linked up before you & encourage them in their comments. Seriously. That is, like, the rule. And the fun. And the heart of this community..


I call myself an extrovert. I really believe it’s true. I’m recharged by being with people. But that doesn’t mean it comes easily for me to be with people.

I always want to join in. I want to be a part of what’s going on. But I don’t know how. Or doubt creeps in. What if I say something stupid?

It’s hard to take that first step.

I’m attending the Allume Social conference in October. I really can’t describe to you how excited I am. I’ve never done anything like this in my life before. I’m flying across the country to stay in a hotel room with 3 people I met on the internet! My husband is worried they are going to attack me or something.

But this is me joining in. This is me stepping out. I won’t be able to hide in my room if I get nervous.

I’m psyching myself up to be brave. To initiate conversations. To cash in on all those hugs I’ve been promised and promised to others.

Maybe we’ll be like the teenie boppers and get our phones out and tweet each other while we’re in the same room. That’ll feel more normal to us.

Seriously though. I just want to join in. I want to be a part of this group. I want to come home having strengthened some life-long friendships.

I don’t want to look back and regret not stepping out and taking the risk.

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  1. Mary Beth, I’m just now reading this, and it’s so funny I didn’t before! I’m so excited you get to go to Allume, and jealous (in a godly way if that’s possible:)). I let silly fears keep me from buying a ticket when they were available!! But God knows…if it doesn’t workout this year, there is always next year! Blessings:)

  2. I’m so right there with you girl. All of it. Well except the part about being an extrovert. I’m a total introvert! But we can be brave together at Allume. :)

  3. I am a very outgoing person by nature. However, I have had desire to attend a blog conference for about two years now and just can’t bring myself to sign up. I fear rejection. i fear I will get lost in the crowd. Dumb, yes. Perhaps I will take the leap and sign up next year!

    • I think that’s why I’m drawn to Allume. They keep it relatively small so it doesn’t seem so overwhelming. Mamas Write in DFW, Texas is also another smaller conference to consider! It’s definitely not dumb! It’s a fear we all have.

  4. Um, yeah…I can relate! In that vein; I want in on the skyping! Can’t wait to meet you in real life;)

  5. Oh My Mary Beth! I can totally relate to that! I really want to attend one of the conferences…but…there is always a “but”. Thank you for sharing. It really helps knowing others deal with the same issues, and to find out HOW they deal with them. {Thanks for visiting too..} Blessings!

  6. StefanieYoungBrown says:

    Mary Beth,

    I loved your 5 minutes:) I’m actually an introvert’s introvert. Ministry causes the inner extrovert to surface occasionally, but, as a rule, people drain me instead of energize me. I love people, I just react differently than an extrovert.
    Last year I stepped out of where I’m comfortable and attended my first blogging conference ~ Mamas Write. It changed my life! Through HIS leading, I’ve connected with amazing like-minded moms who are passionate about life, family and HIM. Allume (formerly Relevant) was my second. Likewise, it expanded my community.
    So thrilled you’re joining in. Looking forward to meeting you at Allume:)

  7. I’m with you. So excited about Allume and feeling a little nervous about interacting without editing, no backspace, no delete and no spellcheck! At the same time I know that this has been a genuine connection and the Holy Spirit connects us in ways that I just can’t articulate. To that end I am really working on Blogger Bingo! This should be fun! oh, but I’m not as brave as you are. I am bringing my husband along as designated driver. I don’t know that my nerves could handle NYC traffic, NJ highways, navigating through PA AND meeting all of you in one day. :) I’m sure there’s plenty to keep him entertained in the city.
    Thank you for sharing your heart…as always!

    • Okay, so maybe that is what it is! Interacting with no editing!!!! I can’t proofread the silly things that come out of my mouth.

      Thankfully, my trip is to an airport about 20 minutes from my house. Airplane. Change planes in ATL (that’s my scariest travel part!). Then another airplane ride. Then a taxi ride to the hotel. Hopefully I make it! If you see me crying on the side of the road, you’ll pick me up right?!

  8. I think we should get bonus points for joining something good :D

  9. LOVE this! I constantly have to remind myself to make the most of every opportunity to push myself out of my comfort zone with people. Thanks for sharing! I hope you have a blast!

  10. I’m an extrovert too, so rare in the writing world. So excited for you, I’m sure Allume will fill your extroverting cup up to overflowing. I’m not going but looking forward to the High Calling Writers Retreat next month to meet lots of lovely writers like yourself.

  11. You already are so brave! The fact that you signed up shows it! You will have such an awesome time and I know you’ll make amazing friends. Wish I could “join” you there!

  12. Allume will be SO worth it. I don’t have to travel across the country, but I went last year not knowing a soul…great stuff happens there! Can’t wait to meet in person!

  13. Love this! I totally relate!! It’s hard to step out. Nerves are such a pain!! But still… Sounds like a good ole time! I can’t wait to hear about it! Found you on the Finding Joy Link up. :) Falen

  14. Is it possible to be an introvert and an extrovert at the same time? It seems to me that I behave completely different, depending on the situation I’m in. I wish I could be an extrovert when I meet people in person, but it’s hard for me to do. Have fun at the conference! I’ve met a lot of wonderful people I’ve met over the Internet and you know what, we discovered that we already knew each other better than we knew our neighbors because we’d shared so many thoughts with them.

    Thanks for the essay. I really enjoyed reading it.

    • I’m really thinking that if we can all get past the first awkward hellos, then it will be like that! We already know each other so well from blogging!

  15. Love it, Mary Beth! Can’t wait for one of those hugs, fellow extrovert to fellow extrovert. But you gals are going to have to teach me how to “twitter” just right so I can get in on these late-night chocolate fests!

    • I will gladly give you a Twitter tutorial!! :) You just have to make sure your phone is working or login on the computer! I missed last night’s fun on Twitter because my phone didn’t give me any notifications! :(

  16. I’m praying you’ll get there and feel like…what was I worried about. And that it will be all you want and more.

  17. CaptainConundrum says:

    I noticed that “joining” and “risk” are related terms in your 5-Minute Friday posts, and I totally get that! I’m a very social creature, but as I discussed in my blog Girlcott today, I suffer from an at-times-paralyzing fear of what others think of me, which makes it difficult to join in everyday activities. We both need to remember that God made us who we are and if we have His approval, nothing else matters! (Hopping over from Rachel Anne’s blog, and hoping you’ll check mine out. I’m trying to give others a chance to join in on showing what we support as Christians, thus “Girlcott,” being the opposite of boycott.)

  18. Denise Oldham says:

    May you be blessed.

  19. Yeah, that’s a scary group of girls you’re rooming with! I’d be careful, you might end up with chocolate or marshmallow scars for life. :) This is one group that I absolutely can’t wait to join. I want to be in the know and part of the bigger picture most of the time, too. I think that’s a big marker for us extroverts. I love that you were first again. Better watch out, though, one of these nights I might stay up late and beat you. Bwahahaha (evil laugh). Wonderful as always!

    • I’m pretty confident I may suffer from a chocolate hangover at some point in the weekend! I’m counting on you to protect me! At Allume, we can have a race to see who can post first Friday night!! :)

  20. I’m so like you. Once I tasted true community, I couldn’t get enough! I’m all in…(even if I can’t make it to allume–ack!) Plus I got to meet you and start having date nights! God is good…

  21. Wendy Douglas says:

    It’s funny because I am an extrovert once I get to know people, but am an introvert starting out. It takes a huge effort to make that first step in connecting, but once I do…look out! :) Thanks for sharing! Blessings!

  22. Elizabeth says:

    Oh my heart on hearing your heart. I want to go so badly but….. well its kind of a long story. I want to live through all of yall there and am going to be bold and ask yall to skype me and or tweet me. What a wonderful experience. This post is stirring my heart all up with JOY. I love Friday’s at Lisa Jo’s.

  23. Awesome post. Blessed to be here. I’m an extrovert too and have those crazy thoughts. So jealous — thankful — you are attending Allume! Can’t wait to read about it as I can’t sneak away this year.

    • I think there is a Skype party in the works for Allume! Maybe for the FMF write!?! New hashtag for Thursday nights: #FMFparty !! Look forward to seeing you there!

  24. I am so excited that you are heading to Allume :) It was SO much fun last year, and I’ve made some amazing friends from that conference!! It’s hard to step out, but take baby steps and suddenly you’ll wonder why you were nervous!!

  25. Michele-Lyn says:

    Eeek! These few Allume days won’t be long enough! I can’t wait to meet you in person :)

  26. I’ll be there too and I am most definitely not an extrovert but I really can’t wait to meet you and so many of my other “blogger online” friends in real life. The hard part will be putting faces/names/blognames/twitterhandles/avatars with the real person and remembering them all. At least I’ll have a headstart through Five minute Friday’s. There will be a lot of us there. Woohoo!

    • Yes! FMF will be so fun at Allume! We can all write together! I’m thinking we need an Avatar/Twitter handle cheat sheet! I’m just too lazy and tech-challenged to put it together!

  27. My husband would say the same thing. . . AND probably would not let me go! LOL! I hope you have a wonderful time! :)

    • If I hadn’t won the ticket, I think it would’ve taken a lot more convincing! Once he realized how much cheaper it would be for me to share a room, he was in. Money speaks to him! He’s an accountant.

  28. The part about your husband being afraid for you being attacked by your roommates made me laugh. I laughed because I recently went to Nashville and met two of my twitter/blogger friends in person. I had to give him their twitter names, FB names, blog addresses etc. Thankfully all was well. Online community is real and I am so happy for you and your courage to get out there and get those promised hugs! You go girl!

  29. This sounds wonderful and I envy/am excited for your journey! I think it’s courageous to step out there and meet others with similar heart and goals. Thank you for sharing :)

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