Happy Fifth Anniversary, Michael!

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This is a repost from my personal, family blog. I originally wrote this in 2009 for our 2nd anniversary. I’ve added a few “updates” in honor of our 5th!

17 Reasons I said “Yes!”

In no particular order:
1. Look at that handsome face (his blue eyes in particular):
2. He is a State fan. (My Daddy raised me right!)
3. My family loves him!
4. He will be an AMAZING Father to our children one day.
UPDATE: He IS an amazing father! Thomas adores him. 
5. He makes me laugh even when I’m mad at him.
6. He moved all the way to Texas so I could follow my dream.
UPDATE: Now that we have moved home, he works hard to provide so that I can stay home with Thomas. Such a blessing. 
7. He spoils me, but he also keeps me in line.
8. He cooks–better than me most of the time!
9. He does the laundry (more because he is afraid I’ll shrink his clothes than to be nice!)
UPDATE: Yeah, so I do most of the laundry now… 
10. He works hard to take care of me and plan for our future.
11. He watches silly girly movies and shows with me.
12. He listens to me when I’m babbling on and on about things I’m sure he thinks are trivial.
13. He loves his mama.
14. He likes to go out and do fun stuff that we’ve never done before.
15. He is super smart.
16. For some crazy reason, he loves ME!
17. He loves the Lord and wants our home to honor Him.
Happy Anniversary Michael!
I look forward to many more with you and am excited to see what the future has in store for us!


  1. Ro elliott says:

    Happy Anniversary to you…may you continue to grow together in Christ…letting the covenant conform you each to Christ. and I can tell you…the best is ahead of you…31 years and counting…it is like good wine…gets better with age:)

  2. Mary Beth, that is SO very sweet!! Happy fifth anniversary!! :)

  3. Awe so, so sweet!! Happy Anniversary!


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