(in)motherhood Introductory Post Blog Hop

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Welcome (in)motherhood gals! Crystal and I are excited to get to know you better as we visit your blogs and read your posts!

If you have no idea what’s going on, read my introduction to (in)courage community groups here and the big intro at (in)courage here. If you aren’t a part of our (in)courage community group, you can join us at any time (see intro post) or you are welcome to only participate in our bi-weekly link-ups. Please submit posts related to the stated topics only! Here is the schedule:

  • Today: Introduce yourself (see below)
  • 10/23: A Letter to your child(ren)
  • 11/6:¬†Embarrassing¬†stories from motherhood
  • 11/20: Unexpected moments in parenting
  • 12/4: Keeping it Real/A Day in the Life

The rules are simple: Just write an introductory post about yourself. Tell us about yourself, your family, and your blog. What you like to do. Maybe link a few of your favorite posts. Here is one I did for the MOB Society Blog Hop. Then come back here and submit the permalink to your actual post (not your blog!) below! Be sure to take a few minutes and visit a few of the other ladies in our group too! Everyone loves a comment!

This is a Blog Hop, so you can get the code below (click “get the code here” which appears under the link-up) and post it into the HTML of your post and the link-up will appear on your page as well! Then we can just “hop” from blog to blog! (If that makes no sense, just ask me or don’t worry about it!)

Be sure to grab our awesome button that Crystal designed for us! (Just copy and paste the HTML code below!–ask if you need help!)

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  1. I’m not a new mom–I’m bummed that I do not meet the qualifications–and I’m doing this 31 days of honesty–but I will link up on the other days–I put you on the calendar–I love this idea from in courage.

  2. Glad I got it to work! I think I was having some difficulties! Can’t wait to check out all the other blogs!

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