Labor Day Weekend Top Ten in Pictures

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Labor Day Weekend marked the beginning of football season, so our days were full of fun, family, football! We also got our fair share of rain and heat! I thought I’d share some pictures from our weekend, Top Ten Style, although they are in chronological order…everything was equally fun!

1. Thomas sharing a snack with Poppa while we waited to set up the tents (you aren’t allowed to set them up until 4 PM.) While we were waiting, it started pouring down rain. Thomas had the absolute BEST time running around in the rain.

2. Fun with the cousins at the tailgate. All the adults decided we were leaving the wagons at home next week. ALL they wanted to do was ride in the wagon. They finally gave up on us and tried to do it themselves:

3. Waiting for the players at the Dawg Walk with Mommy. It was H.O.T. HOT!!

4. Ringing his little cowbell at the appropriate times while the announcer announced the starting line-up!

5. Watching the game with Daddy. We only made it through the first series. We scored a TD, and I decided there was no reason for us to sit and suffer in the heat when I had a house 10 minutes down the road with AC in it. Thankfully, the Hubby caught a ride home with his parents.

6. Thomas has an obsession with dog kennels. The is the second one he has crawled into voluntarily in 1 week. He even shut the door.

7. Monday, we cherished our extra day with Daddy and went to the park and campus! Getting ready to slide!

8. A boy’s favorite past-time: playing in the dirt!

9. Getting in some quality time with Daddy.

10. Splashing face first in the fountain!

How did you spend your holiday weekend? Share in the comments!

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  1. says:

    Mary Beth,
    I think you have a lot of fun with your crew! Also, there is great fun in the comments :) These pics are great, especially the dog crate photo! This is my first visit, and I’m enjoying all I’ve seen. I just have to invite you to join in on ‘EOA’ Wednesdays when you can. I believe it will bless a bunch of us ladies! Thanks, and blessings to you.

  2. What a wonderful memorable weekend!!

  3. What a lovely time even if it wasn’t how you originally planned! So glad to hear. (did you end up at that concert, too or do I have the wrong weekend?)

    We spent it with my family “up north”. It was so much fun to have all of my siblings and our families together again! (it happens once, maybe twice a year)

  4. Denise Oldham says:

    Glad you enjoyed your weekend.

  5. We went into DC to go to the Air & Space museum and drive past some of the monuments. It’s was humid & warm when we got there, but nicely cloudy. When we emerged it was full on sunlight. Not sure if you have ever been on the National Mall, but it was miserable – and it wasn’t even that hot. It was our first official trip into the city, other than the zoo last summer. We’ll definitely do this more when the weather gets a little better, although not the A&S. Udvar-Hazy makes this place look so tiny. Lots more to see and do and I definitely need to go back to Georegtown Cupcakes!! Oh, and UT won and JMU won. Good weekend all around.

    • Oh that sounds so fun! I wish we lived close to somewhere big and cool like that! I’ve been to the National Mall a couple times. Once in early Spring, so it was still cool. The other time was in July, and it was hot!

  6. I enjoyed seeing Thomas, your husband, and you in your weekend pictures. My sweet husband and I drove through the Skyline Parkway in Virginia over the weekend :-) The view was breathtaking!!

  7. Looks like a ton of fun! American football is so fascinating. My husband and I will watch sports movies, and all I can say is, “I don’t understand, it’s just highschool/college, what’s the big deal??” and he just rolls his eyes at me. I’m so Canadian, btw. :)

    • Sarah, I have grown up in the middle of football and still sometimes I scratch my head at the absurdity of it all. I have to admit though, it brings my entire family together almost every other weekend during the fall. I love that!

  8. So glad to see your weekend turned out so well! You look so pretty in your picture with Thomas, by the way!

  9. StefanieYoungBrown says:

    Looks like you had a fantastic holiday weekend! Happy for you, my friend!

  10. What a fun weekend! That last photo is fantastic :) We stayed home and had a quiet weekend, which was perfect so I could try to catch up on the mountain of laundry from vacation!

  11. Sarah Caldwell says:

    Hello! :) I love this post! I’m looking forward to meeting you at the Allume conference – my husband is a Miss. State alumn, and DIEHARD FAN. :) I know he would’ve loved to be at the game! (And I’m sure his brother was there! :) I’m sure he’s secretly disappointed, as we were supposed to go back to MS for a game against Tennessee in October, but I got cast in an operetta that weekend! Sweet man, he’s of course staying with me, but I know we’ll catch another state game this fall! :)


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