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Titus 2I started praying for a mentor almost four years ago when we moved to Fort Worth for me to go to seminary. While I never started an official mentoring relationship with anyone, I was blessed to attend Sunday school for two years under one of the most Godly couples I’ve ever met. Plus God gave me some wonderful friends who served as accountability partners and encouragers in this journey we’re on. Honestly though, I quit praying fairly soon after school started and life got busy.

But now I’m done with school. Moved back home. Settled into a routine of mothering, being a wife, and housekeeping. Trying to make a go of this blogging thing. And I kind of ache for a mentor. Someone just a little bit older who is walking this road ahead of me. I’ve prayed willy nilly (that’s redneck for “here and there”) for a mentor and even asked someone I admired if she would consider serving as my mentor. Nothing ever materialized.

But in recent days the desire has gotten stronger, but to be honest, my prayers for God to provide have been nil. Today, I was pondering this on my drive home. I realized why I was avoiding praying for a mentor.

Because God was calling me to serve as a mentor to a young lady I’ve known for most of her life. I didn’t want to pray for a mentor of my own because I knew God was going to tell me to go be her mentor.

I’ve wanted to ask her for a year now. Ever since I moved back. But I’m scared. Isn’t that ridiculous? I changed her diapers for Pete’s sake!

So here I am telling you, so I will feel compelled to ask. (Because you all are going to ask me if I followed through or not!) What’s the worst that could happen, right?

So I’m committing to offering to mentor this young lady, and I’m committing to actively praying for God to bring a mentor for me. I’m even writing it down on my prayer list. Right now.

Are you in a mentoring relationship? What does it look like? How have you benefited?

**I wrote and scheduled this post last week, and yesterday I saw several posts from women I respect about a new book by Sally Clarkson about mentorship. You can check their posts out and visit Sally’s site here. (Kat, Sarah Mae, and Jessica)**

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  1. I used to have a mentor and am currently looking for one as well. Seems we are all in the same boat! Maybe we should do some sort of online mentoring with each other? Hmmm….the possibilities!

  2. I’ve done both, had them and been one to many. I am currently mentoring a young highschool girl with a troubled past and difficult family situation. The highschool principal is a Godly man and started a mentoring program last year when he realized so many kids weren’t being parented, even though they have parents living with them. He is bold about his faith, lets us share Christ when He leads that way. Like all relationships, mentoring takes time, commitment and prayer over the long haul. Hope God blesses you with one soon, I’m sure He has one in the wings.

  3. Amy Tilson says:

    Missing intimate connection like this so much in my life right now. You know I’m going to bug you to find out if you asked and what she said. :)

  4. Great thing about being a mentor is you’ll probably have some of your own mentoring “click” for you. When I’ve had discussions with my now high school and college graduate kids I always find myself learning in the “telling”. So, don’t be afraid to ask…it will be good for both of you! :)

  5. messymarriage says:

    Mentoring is so important–both giving and receiving. I’ll pray with you Mary Beth that you find God’s choice in a mentor. Also, did you go to SWBTS in Ft. Worth? Just wondering–that’s where I got my Masters in counseling eons ago! :)

  6. Hey MB ~ Glad God’s put it on your heart to mentor / make a disciple. My hardest thing with mentoring is knowing where to start / what to teach. I’ve done a couple different things, but this is one that I’m actually about to start with our college students at church.
    Most discipleship things are taking your disciple through a book someone else wrote. The reason I like this better is because you’re not teaching a book, but THE book (i.e. Scripture!). It’s from the IMB & the Church at Brook Hills (David Platt). You might check it out ~ definitely worth a look.

  7. A great step of faith…that will be good for both you and the young woman you will mentor. May God bless as you move forward!!

  8. I linked up my post to this one I like it so much. #22. Sorry I’m so late! And I want an official mentor now. I think that’s a smart thing!

  9. I don’t have a mentor, at least not officially. I have prayer partners, but I think we could all use a mentor in our lives. Thanks for the nudge.

  10. Hi Mary Beth,

    Interesting timing – a friend recently asked me if I’d mentor her. It caught me off-guard, but it’s been great to think back about that stage of life. I’ve had to think about a lot of things, but it’s great to pass that insight along. Hopefully she can avoid a few traps because each generation seems to have more and more.

    I hope you’ll write about some of the things that come up!

    • Those were my thoughts exactly! Hopefully I can helps guide her around some of the stumbling blocks she will face in our society–sharing things I wish I had known as a teen!

  11. Lol! As I was reading about your difficulty in finding a mentor, I thought I should comment and encourage you to BE a mentor! Then of course, as I kept reading, that is exactly what you felt called to do! So, what are you waiting for? Ask her! I bet she has been praying for a mentor, and you will be the newer to her prayer! If not her, then I know there is some young lady out there just waiting for someone precious like you to pour wisdom into their life. I’ll be praying that you find just the right one! Thank you for sharing your heart! I have never been mentored, but after reading your blog today, I am going to start praying for opportunities to be a mentor myself! Again, thank you for sharing your heart!

  12. Oh we are kindred! The last gal I mentored is now married and expecting her first baby…we’ve moved apart now so I don’t take on as big of a role, but we still stay in touch and I can’t tell you how much it blesses. both ways. I have been praying for a blogging mentor lately as I’m completely clueless as to what I’m doing in this blogosphere :) and I’m starting to realize maybe God doesn’t have just one person in mind…but a whole community…..

    • Oh that scares me to think about this sweet girl all grown up and married! She’s 14 now. I started keeping her when she was 8 months old! Lately, I’ve been wanting a blogging mentor as well. I was kind of hoping for a package deal–you know someone to mentor in all areas! No high hopes or anything. I like your perspective though–the blogging community does act as a mentor. We learn from and encourage each other!

  13. alwaysalleluia says:

    I had a wonderful mentor when I was in High school and am now mentoring another younger than me. A mnetor relationship can be a huge, life-changing blessing. Thanks for inviting me to linkup. ;) Blessings, sweet friend.

    • I’m so glad you decided to join us! I just got off the phone talking logistics about setting up mentoring with the young lady I mentioned in the post! I’m excited to see what the Lord does!

  14. Mentoring is huge – I was lucky to have one when I was younger, and now I’m looking for one again now that we are settled here in NJ. How wonderful that you are going to ask someone – I’ll be praying for you!!

    Also – would love to link up on Wed, but not sure what type of post?!

    • Thank you so much! I appreciate the prayers!

      WIP stands for Work in Progress so you can share any post that talks about what God is doing in your life personally or what you see him doing around you. This may sound wrong, but it doesn’t have to be “super spiritual” :). I believe God is working through the every day, normal things of life too. Hope that makes sense! I’d love to have you link up!

  15. Mentoring is such a huge task, but what a blessing! I have had the opportunity to be there for many younger ladies than I, when they’ve needed me. It can be exhausting, yet if God places someone in my path that needs something He knows I can provide, then I pray I will always be ready! Praying God’s strength as you begin this journey dear friend! Blessings!


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