Michael (the husband) Hacking

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I’m hacking Mary Beth’s blog in an attempt to win an iPad from the Allume conference she’s attending next  weekend. I’m linking up with other Allume husbands here. We are answering the question: how has the Allume conference or community affected you and/or your wife?

Ever since I started dating my wife, there were two things that I knew she was born to do: be a mom and be a writer. She has always been a great writer even before she knew it. She was such a good writer that I allowed her to “help” me through English Comp II my sophomore year of college.

When she told me she wanted to start a blog professionally (as opposed to our family blog for fun), I knew that she would be a natural at blogging. What I did not expect was for her the meet all the people that she has. Since joining the blogging community, she has been able to connect with other moms who have made the same decision as her to delay her career to be a mom and then subsequently a blogger. While my wife is an extroverted person and gets along with most people, the blogging community gives her a place where she can do what she is born to do in writing and feel a part of a community of moms in her same life situation.

Excuse my short post, I’m an accountant, not a writer.


  1. So sweet :) Yay for husbands hacking.

  2. This is either a testimony to how much Michael loves me…or how badly he wants an iPad. I’m gonna go with #1… (He really hates writing!!) Thanks honey!

  3. Love this! :)

  4. So brave, Michael! Nice to “meet you”. Just wanted you to know I cherish your wife. Hope you win!!!

  5. Awesome post Micheal. Good luck willing the Ipad.

  6. The last line made me LOL!!! Good job Michael!

  7. Love it, Michael! I hope you guys win:)

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