My Homemaking Binder

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My Daily Schedule

One of my homemaking goals is to be better organized by using a homemaking binder. In June, Tereasa guest posted and shared how she uses a binder system to help keep her home organized and running smoothly. Shortly after her post, I put together a homemaking binder of my own. I thought I would share it with you today. While Tereasa uses several different binders, I’m just using two (she has a lot more to organize with more children and homeschool!). I have one binder for Bible study and the other for Homemaking.

My Bible Study Binder includes:

  • Bible Study materials: I’m currently working through the Prayer reading plan from the YouVersion app with She Reads Truth. In the fall, I will begin the Bible Study Fellowship study of Genesis. There are weekly materials for that, so they will go in the binder.
  • Prayer calendar for my son: I use this one from Inspired to Action
  • Prayer calendar for my husband: I currently have a 31 day calendar that I’m working through. I would share it, but I’m not sure of the source and don’t want to violate any copyrights. I also have the 30 Day Encouragement Challenge written by Nancy Leigh DeMoss and published by Revive Our Hearts that I plan to work through after I finish the first calendar.
  • My personal prayer list: This is a list of specific things I’m praying for daily. If I commit to pray for you, I write it on this list.
  • Hindrances to Prayer: This is my personal copy of the exercise I shared in this post about dealing with hindrances to prayer. I *try* to pray through it every other week or so (probably not often enough).
  • Notebook paper for journaling, writing Scripture, or taking down notes.

My Homemaking Binder includes:

Meal Planner

  • My blog’s mission statement and goals are slipped into the cover. Someone shared the idea of keeping their personal mission statement taped inside their journal, so I plan to add my personal mission statement to the cover of my homemaking journal where I will see it daily.
  • My Weekly Overview: This basically includes my to do list for each day, events, and an abbreviated menu. Read Kat’s Maximize Your Mornings (for free!) to better understand how I use the document.
  • A Blogging Calendar and organizational documents: I use Mama Jenn’s Blogging Calendar and Planner. Why reinvent the wheel?
  • Lesson Plans for Tot School: We plan to start Tot School in August, so I have started sketching out some loose lesson plans using Carissa’s Planning Guide (the planning sheet is the last one in the PDF).
  • A Weekly Menu: Right now, this is very basic. This section only includes a weekly menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner with the shopping list on the side. I use a form from the eBook Plan it–Don’t Panic. It’s really quite basic, and you could probably create your own (see photo). The menu stays on the fridge after the shopping is done.
So that’s it! Nothing too wild and crazy. I *desperately* need to get a cleaning schedule going, but just haven’t gotten motivated to do it. When I create it, I will certainly share it with you!


Do you have a homemaking or Bible study binder? What do you use in yours? Please share your resources! 

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  1. This is great, Mary Beth! I’ve used both of those prayer charts before. I need to really get back on track with being a faithful prayer warrior for my family. This was a good reminder!

  2. Great idea! I’m chagrined to admit my organizational skill with the homemaking binder woefully failed. Thanks for the links. I’ll look into them. Praying the Fall Challenge goes well for you!

  3. I have used a binder system in the past and it’s worked so well… got away from it and need to get back! thanks so much for linking up at again! :)

    lauren mills

  4. I’m all about the binder system. That’s what I’ve been using for years, and now I am able to share here:

    It looks like your system works great for you. That’s the most important tip, in my opinion. The system we use doesn’t matter as much as how well it works for our personality and needs. Your instructions and pics will inspire many to create their own systems, and that is pretty cool!

  5. Wendy @ E1A says:

    This binder looks fab Mary Beth. I may pop back at the weekend (when I have a little more time) and take some notes! Thank you for sharing.

  6. Sherri Davidson says:

    These are great ideas!! I hope you don’t mind but I just Pinned this.

  7. Pamela Kuhn says:

    I love the idea of a Bible Study Binder. I’ll be using your ideas for this. You mentioned a cleaning schedule…one of the things that has helped me with keeping my drawers and closets cleaned is that I made a list of every drawer and cupboard in my house. Five days a week I clean one drawer or closet. In two months I have everything cleaned and begin again. This helps so much with the accumulation of “things.” On the one day a week I work outside the home I choose an easy one like the cloth napkin or candle drawer. The days with more time I choose a closet. It helps me know what I have, too.

    • Funny that you mentioned this! That is the exact approach I just took in making out my cleaning schedule. I set it up on a 4 week rotation, so that everything gets done at least once a month. Great minds…

  8. Thank you! What a good idea! :) I love binders and papers and calendars so I think this could really work for me.

  9. I don’t have any binders :/ I might take this on, umm….sometime when life slows down? LOL! I am going to 3 ring binders for school this year, maybe I will be able to do it all when I get moving with the school one! :) Thanks for the idea girly! :)

    • You’re welcome! You definitely have a lot going on! The good part about this binder is that all the organization is done for you. Just print and go. Toss what you don’t end up using! I just had to get myself in gear to actually hook up the printer and print them! Sad but true!

  10. This is such a great idea! Thanks for the inspiration to get organized Mary Beth!

  11. I love this – I don’t currently have one, instead have post-its and notes written all over the place (along with a calendar I can never find…) I think it’s time to get more organized! Thanks for sharing!

    • I worked from a planner all through college and seminary. But now there is too much to keep organized for just the planner. I only use my planner for work appointments now and doctor’s visits, out of town trips, etc. It’s my “where am I supposed to be” at a glance!

  12. I have a few binders that are sitting under piles of stuff. I think I like the idea of one, I have just never used one. But a blogging binder, I would use that. Right now I use spiral bound notebooks, I think I have 3-4 going right now! A binder would help me keep most of my ideas in one place. Thanks for posting, and linking up!

    • I definitely use my blogging section a lot! I love the monthly layout where I can write down post ideas and mark when they are scheduled and ready. Helps me keep things on track.

  13. I have a budgeting binder, but have never been able to make a homemaking binder work for me. If it’s not out in the open, I won’t remember to use it. I’ve started using my fridge as a “command station” of sorts. :)

    • My husband does the budget (he’s an accountant, and I don’t do it to his precision!). But my homemaking binder is always out on the counter! If I don’t see it, I’ll forget I have a plan!

  14. Okay… although this all seems a bit intimidating, I am inspired to give it a try :)

    • It was for me too! And it took me FOREVER to actually get up and make one. But once I did, I’ve really been using it. I just started small and simple. I’m sure it will grow with time. Tereasa’s is much more detailed than mine!

  15. I don’t have one, but I like the idea! :) I use two calendars (one in my kitchen for our family events and one in my den for my blog) to keep organized, but I’ve often though about menu planning or about having a more organized week. This might help me! Thanks for sharing. :)

    • Menu planning has been super helpful! 5 o’clock doesn’t roll around and then I realize I should’ve thawed the chicken or am missing one ingredient. I know exactly what I’m making and what needs to be done when. It’s great.


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