My Little Man {The MOB Society}

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Welcome to New Life Steward fellow
Mothers of Boys!

My name is Mary Beth, and this handsome fella calls me Mama!

The mission of New Life Steward is to encourage women to be stewards of the gifts God has blessed them with in their new life in Christ by sharing my personal journey and using my own gifts to bring glory to God.

You can read more about me and the blog on the About page. If you are a blogger, you may be interested in submitting a guest post for my new series: When Motherhood Comes Softly. I also host a weekly link-up called WIP (Work In Progress) Wednesdays where we share posts about what the Lord is doing in and around us.

Enough about the blog, let’s talk about this sweet boy:

Thomas is currently 17 months old and our only child. He is our pride and joy. Though parenting hasn’t always been easy, we have learned so much about ourselves and our heavenly Father through this journey.

At only 17 months, Thomas doesn’t play too many games (unless you count dropping all his food and sippy cup on the floor repeatedly and shouting “uh oh”!). He enjoys reading books, pulling or pushing any large object around the house, and doing absolutely anything outdoors. He has also become a fish in the water and loves any time spent at the pool. As you can tell, he is also a big eater and will eat just about anything you put in front of him! Today, I was making some granola bars, and I looked over to find him covered in peanut butter. He just stuck his hand right in the jar and enjoyed a snack!

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  1. Hannah Corner says:

    Hopping over on the blog hop, and want to say that I love your mission! I can’t wait to check out more of your blog!

  2. Thank you! He’s pretty sweet *most* of the time!!

    Mary Beth

  3. Thank you!

  4. jaj_mrg says:

    Thank you for visiting my blog. I have enjoyed looking around. Your little boy is so cute!

  5. Hillary Gardner says:

    I’ve been so enjoying your blog, especially the truths of When Motherhood Comes Softly. You little man is so adorable. My Emme, just a bit older than yours loves to eat too!

    • I’m so glad! I’m excited about some of the ladies I have lined up to guest post for that series. Should be really good! I’m enjoying your blog as well! Your Misc. posts are always good for a laugh!

  6. Indeed it was a fun time for him!! Not so much for mom. He had it behind his knees?! Seriously?!
    Mary Beth

  7. Oh my goodness! Look at those amazing eyes :) So precious. I am not sure if I told you before, but you have a beautiful place here :)

  8. Glad to have you! I’ll be over at your blog soon!

    Mary Beth

  9. Such a sweet little man :)

  10. following you and your lil cutie – on fb and twitter via the mob society hop! nice to meet ya!


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