Not Getting My Way and the WIP Wednesday Link-Up

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Not Getting My WayConfession time: I’m used to getting my way.

Some call it spoiled. I called it blessed.

Once I’ve really zeroed my sites in on something I want, I’m pretty intent on getting it. I look at situations and turn them every which way possible until I can shake out the ending that I want.

This has come in handy at times: I was laser-focused on school taking full loads plus in order to finish. I’m organized and goal-oriented.

At other times, not so handy: When I find something I want, I drive my husband insane trying to find ways that we can afford it. He’s so patient.

Today, however, I am not getting what I want.

I am supposed to be boarding a plane with my son at 12:45 today to fly to visit my two best friends from seminary. This wasn’t supposed to be an ordinary visit though. One of them had a baby in April, so I was to meet this little angel for this first time.

I planned this trip in January. My friend’s husband is a youth minister, so I knew the summer would be busy. Labor Day weekend provided the perfect opportunity for my husband, Thomas, and I to drive out to DFW for a quick weekend visit.

This was the plan until July when we realized that Labor Day weekend was also opening weekend for our beloved college football team, and my dear husband adamantly refused to miss the game.

Time for a new plan, so I set my little brain to work. Checked flights. Brainstormed people who could ride out there with me. Contemplated riding alone with Thomas. Briefly considered leaving him here. Prayed. Cried. Prayed some more.

Then a ray of hope! During a random conversation, I learned that some good family friends were traveling to DFW Labor Day weekend for a football game. The plan was to fly out there and ride back with them. Perfect until we realized that the RV they would be driving had no seat belts other than the driver and captain chair–after I had already booked the flight. Oh trust me, I tried to pray them up, but no seat belts were to be found.

I refused to cancel the flight. I was waiting and praying for a miracle. Then I got a text message yesterday from the airline suggesting I reschedule my flight due to Hurricane Isaac.

Not Getting My WayI finally had to admit defeat. I am not getting what I wanted this time. No amount of bending, manipulating, and twisting was going to make this trip happen. I just hope that sweet baby isn’t in middle school before I get to meet her.

After all that, I have to trust that God wants me home this week for a very specific reason. I don’t know what it is. I do see some silver lining to the clouds: I’m getting to hang out with a high school friend, her son, and new baby girl tomorrow because they have evacuated to her mom’s house. I’m getting to hear Shane and Shane tomorrow night in concert for free! I’ll get to be at the first football game of the season and watch Thomas delight in all the festivities.

I feel like such a Diva for being upset about this. Other people in the world are dealing with much bigger issues. But I’ll learn a lesson from the Lord any way I get handed it. These verses keep coming to mind today as I acknowledge that I won’t be relishing in girl talk with my friends this week:

The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away; Blessed be the Name of the Lord!” Job 1:21

Many are the plans in the mind of man, but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand.” Proverbs 19:21

When I don’t get my way in big and small things, I hope to cling to these two truths:

  1. Everything belongs to the Lord. His name be praised no matter what. <—Like it? Tweet it!
  2. The Lord’s purpose will prevail. Rest in this. <—Like this better? Tweet it!
What is your biggest struggle when you don’t get your way?

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  1. Mary Beth, I do the same thing. I get an idea in my head and it’s hard to change directions. That’s what I struggle with. Really my husband is the same way, we used to have terrible Saturdays because we both had plans but didn’t tell the other about them, and we’d both get frustrated. We finally figured out we have to talk about our Saturday plans on Friday night so we can both get on board with the agenda! Easy fix, but took years to figure out. :) Blessings to you!

  2. Ah, so disappointing but God has a plan although we often never find out what it is. Thanks for your Linky party.

  3. deborah @ A Delightful Glow says:

    It is always disappointing when plans don’t turn out how we really want them too. I’ve often thought, though, that many times there may be a greater reason that I’m not seeing and may never see. At least you get to be with your man and have some fun things going on!

  4. So sorry you have to miss your trip! That’s such a disappointment. I’m praying that God showers you with blessings this weekend!

  5. Wow very similar posts today. God is definately at work in our lives. :)

  6. Mary Beth…we must be two peas in a pod! My husband starts to sweat when I tell him, “You know…I’ve been thinking….” Ha! No, I don’t handle it well when things don’t go as planned.

    We are traveling as well this weekend to go visit family…please pray that Isaac doesn’t interfere!

  7. Jessica Chenoweth says:

    Thanks for sharing this needed reminder! I can so relate. I really thought that God was going to heal me physically and even tried to orchestrate this by trying all kinds of silly remedies and even willing myself to be better. I have now accepted that God has a reason for this trial in my life and it is actually what inspired me to begin my blog. God does work in mysterious ways :)

  8. StefanieYoungBrown says:

    While reading your post, I kept waiting for this ending –> “Everything worked out and I’m heading toward Dallas.” I envisioned a moment, just a short moment, where we could meet for coffee. However, I’m so thankful He is in control and your heart submitted. I’ll just have to wait for Allume:))

  9. Heather Windeler says:

    Mary Beth, something similar happened to me earlier this summer! It’s so hard to let go. I am praying for some fantastic and blessed moments for you this weekend. I love your transparency.

  10. StephanieGlidden says:

    You must be so dissapointed :( I’m sorry!!! I know what you mean about getting your own way. I am so like that. Persistence and creativeness usually get me what I want as well. When my husband was diagnosed with a terminal illness that has no cure and no treatment, I thought my persistence and creativeness would save him. Boy have I learned a lot, and it’s been a hard lesson. God has really used this time to teach me to let go and just rely on him. Us persistence ones sometimes forget that ;)

  11. I know exactly what you are talking about…I try to get my way as much as I can and usually by manipulating situations to try to fit my wishes…it usually doesn’t end up well, however…that’s when I remember that “everything, indeed, belongs to the Lord…” Letting go is very hard for me, though…Thank you for the post and the link up! Have a blessed day

  12. I can honestly say I’m not known for getting my way. I always blamed it on being a middle child, but marriage has proved I’m not decisive enough to proclaim what I want most times! agh! It’s embarrassing to admit that now…
    And I’m so sorry you didn’t get your way this time, but I love how God filled up your weekend regardless! Oh how He loves you. and when there’s a will there’s a way–you’ll get to meet that precious baby soon. I’m certain of it ;)
    So humbled and honored to be featured this week! Thank you!!!! Hugs to you, friend.

  13. messymarriage says:

    Sometimes, just sometimes, God uses a delay like this to protect. My husband was going with a buddy on a motorcycle trip but was delayed. They waited a storm out and couldn’t get back out there fast enough when it was over. That is, until they came upon the devastation that the storm had left in its wake. They would have been in the middle of that devastation had they been able to stay on schedule. I’m glad your finding ways to rejoice in this missed opportunity, Mary Beth, because He really is “for” you!

    • I’ve experienced that many times when I’m running late and happen upon a terrible wreck that I would’ve been in the middle of. Thankful for God’s sovereignty.

  14. I love this post, MaryBeth. I whine (to God) like a 3-yr-old when I don’t get my way. I’m glad He lifts my head and helps me see the bigger picture, and find joy in Plan B. (Which is always Plan BEST)

    Thanks for offering the link-up and for nurturing such a great community here :)

  15. Aww, I’m sorry you don’t get to go. I know you were excited. And don’t belittle your disappointment. Even when I go through what I think are big things, the “little” things are still bothersome. Seeing friends and kissing a baby are pretty special. I’d miss that, too.

  16. When I don’t get my way…..I tend to retreat, spend a lot of time alone. This is great most of the time because once I get over my disappointment, God is able to show me why His way is *yet again* the best way! Thanks for sharing girly ;) I fixed my link up. I don’t know what was wrong with it, but thanks for letting me know! Blessings friend!

  17. Ro elliott says:

    Oh these area not wasted moments…these are very valuable moments…opportunities for our will to be stretched…molded…a chance to practice trusting God even when we don’t understand or like what is happening…and just like you are doing…getting to practice to look for what we do have…not focusing on what we don’t have…if we are faithful in small things…we will be faithful in big things…with God….all things matters…nothing is trivial…and He redeems it all…thanks for be real…have a blessed weekend~

  18. JosephPote says:

    In general I am a pretty flexible person, ready to go with the flow. However, once plans have been made, I become very focused and have a very difficult time changing plans.
    Right now I am dealing with a scheduling conflict between two business commitments. They occur on the same day, on opposite ends of the continent. It is impossible to attend both, but I sure worked hard at trying to find a way to do it.
    Sometimes, I think God nudges these sorts of things into my life just to remind me that I am not in control and I need to trust Him more.
    Thanks for sharing!

  19. Christina Fox says:

    I know just what you mean. After all, our plans are good, why can’t they work out? But He knows better. Thanks for this reminder. And it’s nice to meet someone else who is determined, organized, and drives their husband crazy:)

  20. Ahhh, I have been in your situation, not exactly, different specifics, but that place where all avenues are blocked and it becomes plain that God does not want me to be somewhere I am fighting to be. The comfort I have is in knowing that He knows everything and if He blocks a path, it’s for good reason. I’m sorry it didn’t work out, but I’m certain you can trust whatever God is doing ;) ((hugs)) its a hard place to be.


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