Parenting Goals

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I’ve been sharing my goals with you this week. So far we’ve looked at my personal and homemaking goals. Today, I’m gonna share my parenting goals.

Parenting GoalsParenting Thomas and any future children is probably the most important and long lasting thing I will ever do. How Michael and I raise our children will affect not just them, but our grandchildren and future generations to come. I want to be intentional about how I parent. I want to have a plan.

Parenting GoalsGoals:

  1. Create (and use) a discipline plan
  2. Teach the Bible consistently (weekly lessons)
  3. Nightly prayer
  4. Choose a life verse for each child
  5. Choose 5 Biblical character qualities (unique for each child) that we want to focus on instilling in them (This adapted from Impress Your Kids)
  6. Write to each child individually in a journal as they grow (this too!)
  7. Help them develop a habit of a quiet time to focus on God as age appropriate

What are your parenting goals? Do you have a life verse for your child(ren)? Please share.


  1. I love your ideas–a life verse is so good. I chose my kids’ names based on Scripture and I love to pray it over them–they already recognize and ask for that prayer. Maybe I should have it printed for them so they can see it, too!

    Beautiful post! (Honored you linked to me!)

    • MB@NewLifeSteward says:

      I’m honored you took time to come comment! I’m new to blogging and your ooh Amanda series about how to write a blog post has been very valuable! I’m also looking forward to using Truth in the Tinsel with my son this year. Thanks for all you do. You’ve definitely inspired me!


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