Reach {eBook Review}

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I find it interesting that this eBook review popped up at this particular time in my life. I agreed to read this new book and write a review several months ago–not knowing where I would be at this point in my blogging journey. If you follow my blog, you’ll know that Wednesday I shared that I’m pulling back from blogging and social media just a bit to focus on the home front and the people God has placed in my life. That thought is what I kept falling back to as I read this book.

In Reach, Laura and Angi first examine the unique time in history that God has given us the opportunity to live in. At a time like none before, we have the opportunity to reach people in all parts of the world with the simple touch, click or tap of a button. With great opportunity comes great responsibility.

They then outline the commission every Christian receives from Christ: the call to make disciples which includes evangelism and discipleship. They share multiple stories that demonstrate what this looks like in real life and provide an excellent appendix full of resources to help in these processes (the appendix might be worth the cost of the book all by itself!).

A resource about utilizing social media and the internet would certainly be incomplete without identifying certain pitfalls that are common. Laura and Angi discuss 6 major areas of temptation that one must be aware of and on guard against while using social media. They consistently reminded the reader of a need for boundaries but more importantly of the need for the Holy Spirit’s leadership and guidance in the use of social media for God’s glory. Only by His strength are we able to accomplish anything of eternal value.

Final, the authors conclude with a practical section examining specific strategies for using popular social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, Google+, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and blogs. While offering helpful suggestions for getting started, they encourage individuals to sit down and brainstorm intentionally how to use social media for God’s glory. Rather than going at it willy nilly as we like to say–be strategic and have a plan.

Going back to my earlier personal thoughts on retreating from my online presence to focus on those in my physical community, in applying this book, I acknowledge that these are great ideas. We do live in a time where we have incredible opportunities to share the Gospel with nearly anyone. However, I feel that our online presence and actions must be backed up with real life choices. If we are pursuing individuals online at the neglect of our families and the lost in our own community, I believe we are missing the point. Evangelism and discipleship is a lifestyle that permeates every aspect of your life–both online and off. I feel confidant Laura and Angi agree on this point. Use the tools they share to utilize social media for God’s glory but also use them in your day to day life and conversations with those God places in your path for that same purpose.

Find out more about Reach the eBook and buy your copy HERE.

How have you used social media for God’s glory? Share a thought or story in the comments!


  1. renee@joyful living says:

    missing you! but so glad that you are taking a step back. I have a crazy busy house–I can really only devote 2 hours to blogging a day–sometimes I would just like a day or two to get things set up–to streamline, but I know it will all happen on God’s timeline . . . we will wait for you–your words are worth waiting for.

    Be Blessed

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