Learning to Just Be and the First Ever WIP Wednesday Link-Up

For these WIP Wednesday posts, I’m going to *try* to relax a little in my writing and just talk to you. Tell you what’s rolling around in my head and heart. I can’t promise it will make sense, but I think that is sort of the point. We are “works in progress”. On Wednesdays, we […]

The Rescued and the Rescuer

The Rescued

My brother has always been a bit of a trouble maker, but he went through a particularly noteworthy rebellious streak during his late teen years. Typical teenage stuff, experimentation with alcohol and cigarettes (this was before the days that “experimentation” included drugs of various sorts), staying out late partying, being places he shouldn’t have been, […]

Ignoring the Good Girl and Giving Genuine

“Honesty before God is the only safe place, and I believe he is wise enough and loving enough and intuitive enough to usher us into honesty with people.” Emily Freeman in Grace for the Good Girl I’m just going to be honest here. Today was a hard day. Totally not fine. It’s funny how I […]

Grace for the Good Girl Book Club: Fears

This summer, I am participating in an online book club for Emily P. Freeman’s Grace for the Good Girl: Letting Go of the Try-Hard Life. The title itself was enough to lure me in. Then Christin recommended it to me after I tweeted about my personal testimony blog post, so I bought it with money […]