Announcing (in)courage Community Group: (in)motherhood

(in)couraging new moms

  I am stoked to announce that I will be co-hosting an (in)courage community group with my friend Crystal (jump over to her place and read her intro, too!)! The groups are organized around general life phases or experiences, and we’ve chosen to host new (and exptectant!) moms! Why? Because this is right where we […]

What Does Community Mean to Me?

Community. Doing “life” together. Koinonia. Fellowship. What does this look like in real life? Couples, otherwise alone in a big city while attending school, joining together for dinners and frisbee gold and conversation. Phone calls to Daddy every morning on the way to class when living 9 hours from home. Knowing mom is willing jump […]

Lessons Learned Under Chicago

We hit downtown Chicago during rush hour and somehow found ourselves under the city…on Wacker Drive. I nearly lost my marbles that day–completely overwhelmed by the situation around me. I’m guesting over at in(courage) today. Read the post in its entirety here. This post is linked with thanks to: On Your Heart Soli Deo Gloria […]