t{squared}: The Word of God {Review Week}

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Review Week: The Word of God

Last week finished up the section of theology focusing on the Word of God. This week, I’m linking all of those posts here for you to review if you missed some! I also put all the study guides into one document to shorten up the link list for subscribers. Next week we will start our study on God (sounds real broad and general I know!).

In the comments, share what words pop into your mind when you think about God!

Week 1: What is Theology?

Week 2: The Word of God

Week 3: How were the Contents of the Bible Determined?

Week 4: The Authority of Scripture

Week 5: Is the Bible True?

Week 6: The Inerrancy of Scripture

Week 7: The Clarity of Scripture

Week 8: What Do We Need the Bible For?

Week 9: Is the Bible Enough for the Christian Life?

In the comments, share what words pop into your mind when you think about God!

If you are new to t{squared}, I am using Wayne Grudem’s Systematic Theology: An Introduction to Biblical Doctrine to guide this study! The numbers you see in parenthesis refer to page numbers in this text.

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  1. Looks like a lot of great stuff here. Recently filling out adoption grant applications, I was given a very small blank and the question, “Who is God?”. I laughed, and thought, and prayed, and laughed some more, then finally wrote a bit poorly. I’m pretty sure God was laughing with me…:)

  2. Holy! I’ve heard it said that if you start here you will always get to the other attirbutes; but if you start with the others, you will rarely make it back to holiness because it’s not a natural part of who we are.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    I have been resting on the charachter of God for awhile now. And hearing loudly that “Love Trumps All”. This was spoken on Sunday while I was in a conversation with a friend. I am holding tightly to it. And meditating on it. My heart has gone back to this over and over. Love. Simple, powerful, grace-drenched love.

  4. I’ve been a tad obsessed lately over all the names of God. So those are what pop into my mind right now! I’m feeling an urge to memorize the ones that impact me the most so I can use them more purposefully in my prayer time… I’ve started writing a series on them–The ones that mean the most to me…and it sits in my drafts. You might just give me the nudge I need to get those posted!

    • Girl you cannot spend time writing something like that and not share!!!!! Sounds like an awesome series!

      *Mary Beth
      ** writer, blogger, counselor, speaker*
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      • ACK! I know…that voice that says “who am I to be talking about something like this” gets me often! I need to get over it. Correct that. I need to get over myself. God’s used less than me before…

  5. Mary Beth, I know you don’t really know me, but I love your blog, and I tagged you in my latest post! Please come read it!!

  6. Wonderful! I keep meaning to download the study guides as well. Something to add to my to-do list! :)

  7. Theresa Miller says:

    This is all very helpful. I’m interested in studying more of it. I just had a relative inquire about the bible yesterday, sharing his reasons for how difficult it must have been to accurately translate the bible in early years because of the writing method without spacing and punctuation up until the year 1000. I didn’t have a response for him. I didn’t know. Thank you for sharing this series. I’m following on facebook now!

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