What Does Community Mean to Me?

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Listening To The Sound of Peace Under The Sunset


Doing “life” together.

Koinonia. Fellowship.

What does this look like in real life?

Couples, otherwise alone in a big city while attending school, joining together for dinners and frisbee gold and conversation.

Phone calls to Daddy every morning on the way to class when living 9 hours from home.

Knowing mom is willing jump on a plane immediately when the doctor says something might be wrong with the baby and husband is away on a business trip.

Family dinners celebrating a grandfather’s 85th birthday where the house is so full we naturally spill outside just to make room.

Two friends faithfully coming to lunch every Monday after I give birth to my child and never saying a word about how crazy I must have looked.

A brother who listens and gives it to me straight.

A husband who supports me when no one else does.

Bloggers who cheer me on, encouraging me when I think my words are pointless.

Small group friends that laugh at your jokes, pray for you, and keep your kid last minute when you have to run to work.

Crazy Twitter parties with 50 different conversations going on but all uplifting, encouraging, real. #fmfparty

What does it mean?

Community is the color of life. Other people fill in the black and white with vibrant colors that give life richness and meaning. Every relationship another color, another brush stroke.

These people make my life abundant. They push me. encourage me. love me. I pray I do that in return. After all, that’s what it’s about. Serving one another.

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  1. Great examples in this post:) Sometimes my understanding of community can be too narrow.

  2. A beautiful post. Community is so important. Visiting from Friday Favorite Things

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