Why “New Life Steward”?

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I have been toying with the idea of starting a blog since I graduated from seminary in May of 2011. I knew I wanted to stay home with my son, but I felt like I would need an outlet to just be me. The blog idea got put on the back burner as we moved back home to Mississippi, my husband started a new job, we built a house, and I started working part-time as a marriage and family counselor.

Welcome to Mississippi Something about becoming a mother opens your eyes to a lot of things. I cloth diaper and breastfeed, which naturally put me in contact with more natural minded or “crunchy” people. Just by rubbing shoulders with these people, I started learning about all the junk in the processed foods we eat, the harmful effects of all the chemicals in our cleaners, baby wearing, homemaking, etc. Slowly, God began to instill in my heart a desire to “clean up” the way we live.

Becoming a MamaEven more than wanting to clean up how we live, becoming a mother greatly humbled me by showing me my own selfishness and weaknesses. I have never had a stronger desire to be close to God than since becoming a mother. I realize that my husband and I will lay the foundation for Thomas’ relationship with the Lord.

That is utterly overwhelming.

All of these desires are rolling around in my head in January, and I decided to sit down and make a plan for beginning to change our lifestyle. I wrote out goals for myself, my homemaking, my relationship with Michael, and parenting. While writing out the personal goals, the idea for starting a blog popped back into my head, so I jotted it down and went on.

Life GoalsI tend to think things out in my head as I go about life. So over the next few months I continued to think about the blog:

What would it be about?

What would I call it?

Would anyone read it?

Faithfully, God began to answer the questions.

I would blog about my journey toward reaching the goals I’d listed for myself. My blog was really going to be about my life. Immediately the acronym: Living Intentionally for Eternity (LIFE) came to mind. Isn’t that the overarching goal behind all my specific goals? I want to live intentionally in each of those areas while keeping an eternal focus.

Of course, I couldn’t name my blog life.com because that was probably gone two days after Al Gore invented the internet. So I began to think of how I could describe what I was doing with life and the idea of stewardship came to mind. Originally, I wanted to call the blog Stewards of Life, but that was taken too! I’m so glad though, because somewhere in the process of registering a domain, a recommendation of “New Life Steward” popped up. How perfect!! Isn’t that exactly what I’ve been given? NEW LIFE!

2 Corinthians 5:17 says “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he as a NEW CREATURE; the old things pass away, behold, new things have come.”

In Christ, I have been given new life. This blog is about my journey to cherish my new life and use what He’s given me to glorify Him.

1 Peter 4:10 says “As each one has received a special gift, employ it in serving one another as good stewards of the manifold grace of God.”

1 Peter 4:10 is the theme and purpose of this blog. I desire to take the gifts I’ve been given and use them to serve you here by encouraging, teaching, and ministering to you according to His grace.

As far as the final question, would anyone read it? I guess the jury is still out. I’m going to be faithful to do what God has called me to hoping there are others out there like me. I’m praying we can learn alongside each other and become friends as we go.


  1. awesome! I love the name even more now that I know the story behind it! :)

  2. Sarah crigler says:

    I read it and love it! Yes, as soon as I finished with work I’ll come visit. I’m taking a class in Starkville the month of June too. I may get to see you more than once! :-)

    • MB@NewLifeSteward says:

      Thanks for reading! I’m glad you are enjoying it, and I am very excited for a visit! I am betting the little man is not so little anymore…!

  3. I’ll be reading. I have enjoyed it so far.


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